French Fries are Belgian


The Belgian frozen fries exporters develop the single best potatoes to fry, bake and eat. Unsurprisingly, since the Belgian suppliers are located at the heart of the potato growing region!

“You can take a potato out of Belgium, but you can’t take Belgium out of a potato.“

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Our wholesale potato suppliers are experts within their industry. They use the latest technology to deliver original Belgian fries packed and customized to the needs of your market.

4 reasons to import Belgian frozen fries

  • Top-quality potato products: frozen Belgian fries are produced according to the strictest European quality and food safety standards
  • Selection: Belgian fries are made of top potato varieties, grown and harvested at the heart of Europe.
  • Fit for your market: the original Belgian fries are fully prepared to be used locally – in restaurants, catering, wholesale
  • Halal: Our suppliers produce according to halal standards – with the required certifications.